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when im older im going to move to london and one rainy day ill be sitting in a coffee shop and a rly cute waiter with the nicest accent will serve me and then ask for my number and we will fall in love and live happily ever after and if it doesnt happen im going to summon demons from the underworld to rise and destroy everyone this has been a warning 

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do you ever just


that one of your friends

male or female

is like, really hot?

but not in a ‘damn i’d tap that’ kinda way

but in a

‘i made friends with someone who’s really attractive, nice’

nope, I’m the attractive friend haha

wow your friends must be really fucking ugly then

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finally see favorite band in concert
  • me: crawl up on stage
  • me: "i'm your biggest fan"
  • me: slowly walks up to them
  • me: lick them
  • me: lick the stage
  • me: lick the amps
  • me: lick the instruments
  • me: lick them more
  • me: move like an inchworm across the stage... licking
  • me: lick the manager
  • me: trail of spit across the stage
  • me: lick the mic
  • me: lick the body guards
  • me: lick the police
  • me: lick the patrol car
  • me: lick the inside of the jail cell
  • me: never stop licking
  • me: lick the judge
  • me: lick the stand
  • me: lick the jury
  • me: lick my attorney
  • me: lick the prison guards
  • me: lick the judges mallet
  • me: lick the evidence papers
  • me: consume the evidence
  • me: die from poisoning
  • me: lick the coffin
  • me: reincarnated as a slug
  • me: find way into the tour van
  • me: become band's pet slug
  • me: ride forever
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